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22bet Review – Rating for 22bet Sportsbook 2022

In recent years, numerous new betting providers have popped up, which in most respects hardly stood out from the established ones. 22Bet is one of these new bookmakers, but the young company has several real unique selling points.

Clones of online betting providers have become popular in the last few years. 22Bet also started its business as such a kind of clone. Nevertheless, now 22Bet has managed to establish itself and become independent.

Licensed in Curacao, the betting provider allows its users to play with extremely high stakes and also offers an almost mind-boggling range of sporting events.

In addition, at 22Bet the following rule applies: What you can bet “pre-game”, you can also bet live, which makes the offer of the betting site seem almost endless.


22Bet offers sports betting with high stakes and win limits. In addition, the betting company has a wide range of bets available. Customers who play with higher stakes and do not want to compromise on the betting selection will find 22Bet a great choice!

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Key facts & information about 22Bet

Company Name:TechSolutions Group N.V.
Address:Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Boulevard 50 P.O. Box 4750 Curacao
Year of Foundation:2017
Related Companies:1xbet
Company Registration Number:144920
Support Email Address:support@22Bet.com
Live-Support (Chat):Yes. 24/7
Supported Platforms:Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Supported AppsAndroid, iOS
Accepted Payment Methods:VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum (and approx. 100 other cryptocurrencies)
Accepted Currencies:USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, INR

Is 22Bet legit and trustworthy?

We have been testing 22Bet for a very long period of time and have explored every feature offered on the site. Based on our experience with 22Bet, the provider can be described as thoroughly trustworthy and in some aspects has even been quite a pleasant surprise. For example, when it comes to the incredibly fast payouts of winnings.

Is 22Bet a licensed bookmaker?

22Bet has a license in Curacao and therefore not in the EU. This has advantages and disadvantages, of course, but the biggest advantage is clearly the high betting limit. We have discovered football matches on 22Bet on which you could place a wager of over half a million euros. Especially for high-roller bets, 22Bet is an extremely attractive bookmaker.

The disadvantage of the lack of an EU license is that some countries could block the provider in the medium or even short term. In this case, it is of course always advisable to withdraw your profits in time so that the money is not locked.

22Bet is in any case an excellent alternative to the big, renowned bookmakers and especially interesting if you either want to bet on more exotic leagues (also live!) or bet on sporting events with very high stakes.

Impressive range of betting options

The betting offer at 22Bet is more than impressive, both pre-game and live. Hardly any other bookmaker offers as many live events as 22Bet.

In addition, you can usually bet on smaller events with very high stakes. If the limits on a particular event are lowered and only allow a wager of €20, for example, you can simply wait for a small live odds change and then place the bet on the same event again.

The fact that the major football leagues and competitions are covered by 22Bet is almost a matter of course. 22Bet, however, also has a huge offer that goes beyond this, covering large parts of international amateur, junior and women’s football.

This is especially exciting if you make use of our live statistics software Overlyzer, especially as you get a similar amount of match data with us. Sometimes games from more exotic leagues on Overlyzer are not offered by the renowned sports betting providers. At 22Bet, however, the betting offer is more extensive, so that the chances also increase that the games displayed in Overlyzer will be available at this bookmaker.

Numerous types of bets and a paradise for Asian Handicap Betting

Those who have not dealt with Asian handicap or other Asian bets yet will learn quickly at 22Bet. The range of Asian bet types is unparalleled and makes the betting selection extremely flexible – especially with live bets!

Due to the large number of Asian bets offered, bettors can play much more confidently on 22Bet than on other sites. There are good cashback options for almost all betting forms and especially if you are a high roller, the Asian bets on 22Bet are a good way to reduce the risk when betting.

Early Cashout not a good strategy

However, 22Bet does not provide great offers when it comes to early payouts. Here, they are still inferior to large providers such as Bet365 or Bet-at-home. Once you have placed a bet with 22Bet, you should usually follow through with it.

Here, too, you should always keep in mind the possibilities of double chance or Asian bets. These usually bring lower odds, but more protection.

Many bets and livestreams available for “exotic” leagues

22Bet rarely offers live videos for the world’s biggest football leagues. Here, the expensive licenses belong to other, larger providers.

However, in addition to quite extensive live statistics, the betting provider also offers livestreams of matches from smaller and more unknown leagues. Following these has paid off several times in the course of our sports betting test.

Whether it was because a team from Bhutan fell apart in the final stage of a game and conceded three more goals, or because the turf in the relegation duel of the Tajik League was in a very bad shape and it was obvious that both teams had much trouble when handling the ball.

The combination of Overlyzer and 22Bet is particularly exciting because we offer live trends of such leagues with our live statistics software as well. So, if you take advantage of a combination of Overlyzer’s live data and the livestreams on 22Bet for sporting events that otherwise stay hidden for most bettors, you have the best chance of making a profit.

Overlyzer Live Betting Trends

Amateur football, table football, soap football – funny bets for entertainment

22Bet also offers a variety of “fun bets”. You can watch and bet on amateur matches 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, up to 7 vs. 7, but also other special events, such as table football, cage football or even soap football. There are also similar events for tennis or table tennis fans.

These events are mostly broadcasted from Russia. The fast matches last between seven and about 30 minutes and therefore offer the opportunity to place a lot of bets very quickly. After all, a 2 vs. 2 game over 2 x 10 minutes can end with a score of 25-23.

However, it is somewhat questionable whether the games are actually live. On the one hand, because they regularly take place even in the middle of the night, on the other hand, because the evaluation of a successful bet is extraordinarily fast.

For some quick fun or a laugh or two, e.g. at the quirky soap football, these live(?) events are definitely entertaining – but don’t place too high a bet here, because the outcome of the games depends on too many little things and can therefore be described more as a game of chance.

We can only recommend again and again: “Stick To The Plan!” – Get an Overlyzer account, use multiple betting accounts and always make sure you stick to your bankroll management. These are the paths to sustainable success with sports betting!

Easy deposit and withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals are also very uncomplicated at 22Bet. Depending on the payment method, you may have to fill out a small KYC (“Know your customer”) before making your first deposit – this is the case with “Klarna”, for example.

In any case, the deposit methods are numerous and there are also many options for certain countries, but you can also show and hide them so that the list doesn’t get too disorganized. The same applies to the almost 100 cryptocurrencies that you can use to fill your betting account.

It is important to know that you cannot necessarily use 22Bet to enrich your crypto portfolio: In Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. you can only withdraw as much as you have previously deposited in the respective currency.

However, this is not necessary anyway, because the regular payout by bank works flawlessly and very fast at 22Bet. After simply entering the obligatory data, the money arrives in the bank account within minutes. This is also a reason why 22Bet is an extremely good option as an additional provider to one renowned bookie – also for hedge bets!

The range of deposit and withdrawal methods at 22Bet is indeed impressive and a further advantage is that the provider does not charge the depositor or withdrawer any fees. So, you get exactly what you expect, no unexpected and unwanted surprises and, above all, you can start betting very quickly. A deposit only takes a minute and the money is of course immediately available on the betting account.

The only real drawback for deposits and withdrawals at 22Bet: PayPal is not supported. However, the large number of alternative methods should make up for this.

Tough Bonus Scheme

The bonus system and the bonus conditions are definitely poor aspects of the bookmaker. You simply cannot expect too many goodies here.

If, for example, you deposit €100 for the first time when registering and are credited with an additional €100 bonus, then this €100 must be wagered at least three times in order to become your own. If you win, for example, 1000€ in the course of these at least three turnovers of the 100 bonus euros, then you will still never receive more than the 100€ bonus, which you had to clear. Everything that is won beyond this does not remain with the player.

The bonus points that you earn over a longer period of time on the site are also very modest in comparison to the great opportunities that you have on 22Bet. Even if you wager thousands of euros, you usually only get small bonus credits of one, two or maybe five euros, which you can “claim” every day.

To get into the really big bonus and “gift” territories, you have to work with really high stakes. Then, by the way, you also get a personal VIP contact for high rollers!

Incredibly wide sports betting offer

We have already discussed the broad football offer at 22Bet in detail. But fans of other sports definitely don’t miss out here either. As with football, you will find not only the big events for the other global sports, but also smaller events, right down to amateur games or competitions.

For example, it is impressive how extensive the tennis selection is on 22Bet. Even amateur matches from the lower ATP or WTA rankings are broadcasted live here and offer an exciting alternative.

The same applies to US sports and other niches, such as football variations like Gaelic football or Australian football. There are also some sports on offer whose names you may never have heard before…

Long-term bets: A competitive advantage compared to the “big players”

Those interested in long-term bets will also be more satisfied with 22Bet than with the larger providers. While bwin, Bet-at-Home or William Hill only offer the “bigger” leagues and events, 22Bet also offers the smaller tournaments and leagues for this betting type. There are also some unusual long-term bets to be found with this provider.

Decent pre-game odds, several live betting gems

The odds offered by 22Bet are extremely fair and can definitely keep up with the industry leaders when it comes to pre-game betting.

When it comes to live betting, this bookmaker is even more lucrative, especially when it comes to football and in combination with the smaller leagues that Overlyzer offers. Here you can regularly find true value bet gems that are hard to find with other bookies.

Casino and Slot Games

22Bet has also positioned itself well in the area of casino games and skill games and offers a variety of products.

Here, too, the big advantage is of course that 22Bet operates its casino without a license and the betting limits are correspondingly higher than at licensed and regulated casinos.

International strategy

The fact that 22Bet is pursuing an international strategy can be seen from the first glance at the language selection. This young company is available in over 50 languages and is therefore also exciting for players who are not particularly proficient in English.

User Interface

The user interface of 22Bet is based on the design of other large betting providers, but the provider tries to integrate a little more options on its main page, which can make things confusing.

However, it doesn’t take long to get used to the user interface. Very soon you get used to the quite extensive offer and ideally you don’t look for good betting opportunities on the off chance anyway, but know what you are looking for. The search function can then be used to find all the games you are looking for.

The same also applies to the mobile version, where the search function saved our lives here and there in the course of our provider test.

Tips and tricks for “Over”-bets at 22Bet

If you are a fan of “Over”-bets, 22Bet offers numerous highly interesting match-ups – especially because they also have smaller leagues with clear favorites or cup competitions  in their product range.

Especially in cup competitions or friendly matches in the pre-season, there are games in which numerous goals are to be expected. Here, it happens again and again that “pre-game” only offers the odds for an “over 2.5” or an “under 2.5”. In this case, the “Over”-bet is usually not worthwhile.

Here, however, it is advisable to wait until the start of the match. Usually, 22Bet expands its offer – not only in terms of “over/under” bets, but also regarding various special bets or Asian bets – about five minutes before the start of the match, when the game switches from “pre-game” to “live” mode.

Waiting for this has already brought us profits from time to time in the course of our extensive review. Of course, it also makes sense to follow the development of the pressure ratios in the first few minutes of such games. This brings us back full circle to our powerful sports betting software Overlyzer.

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